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Q: Why is it "gourmet"?
A: Our canned albacore is gourmet because it uses only sashimi grade fish ... that is fish which is so good, it can be eaten raw. The sashimi grade requires excellent fish-handling techniques on the boat.

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Q: Is it a sustainable fishery?
A: Yes. The Monterey Bay Aquarium- Seafood Watch declares the troll albacore fishery to be sustainable. There is no bycatch or danger to sea turtles or birds such as albatross and petrels. The West Coast Pacific Albacore fishery recently was certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.
Q: Is it dolphin free and dolphin safe??
A: Yes. Trolling for albacore does not harm dolphins in any way.

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Q: What about mercury in tuna?
A: Our gourmet albacore contains 50% less methyl mercury than the supermarket brands that use older, longline caught fish. Our tuna are 3-5 years old and have not accumulated a substantial amount. Our canned tuna has been tested by the Food Products Lab in Portland, OR for SPC, Omega-3, nutritional content and mercury. The methyl mercury content of our canned albacore averages 0.05ppm. The highest mercury reading we had was 0.13 ppm. The FDA methyl mercury limit for human consumption is 1 ppm.
Q: Is Papa George Gourmet a family business?
A: Yes. The business is owned and operated by Steve and Holly Lovejoy. We fish year round in California, Oregon, and Washington. Our family contributes their love and support for this adventure.

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Q: Is this tuna sold in retail markets?
A: No. You can purchase any of our products online at the Papa George Store.
Q: How is the albacore canned?
A: The albacore is thawed very slowly, filleted, and packed into the can raw. Then 12 grains of salt (220 mg) are added. Our original albacore in the can has approximately 50-70 mg. of salt per 2 oz. serving. The can is sealed and cooked once for 110 minutes at 10 pounds pressure. Our canners, Russ and Mike Edwards, run Pelican Packers, and can both our salmon and tuna products.

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Q: Why do you cold-smoke the King Salmon?
A: Cold-smoking adds flavor without cooking the fish. First the wild king salmon is filleted and brined, then smoked in a refrigerated box. After this the fillets are cut and packed by hand into cans, then cooked once. Cooking only once maintains the heart-healthy Omega-3 oils and superb flavor.
Q: How much Omega-3 oils are in the canned albacore and salmon?
A: In the canned albacore there are 2200 mg. of Omega-3 oils per 2 oz. serving which is a two day supply! The cold-smoked wild king salmon has slightly less omega-3 oils. Omega-3 oils in our diets are considered "heart healthy" as well as an agent for diminishing arthritis pain and stiffness, alleviating depression, and lowering bad cholesterol.

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