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October 20, 2019

Albacore Natural

Albacore Olive Oil

Dungeness Crab

Wild Sockeye Salmon

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Papa George Gourmet Wild Albacore and Seafood Store

Choose from our delicious all natural Gourmet Products,
once you try Papa George Gourmet Seafood, you'll be hooked.

Papa George Gourmet Fancy Canned Seafood

Papa George Gourmet Canned Seafood products are the best catch in the can. With our albacore tuna, pull open the pop-top lid and observe the full pack of solid meat. Taste the superb flavor, and enjoy it right out of the can or in a salad or sandwich. Albacore tuna is one of the top ten must have pantry items of home chefs. Our tuna is canned the old fashioned way by our friends Russ and Mike Edwards at Pelican Packers, an artisan cannery in Bellingham, WA.

The price of albacore continues to expand to the highest levels we have ever experienced. This is good for the fisherman, as our fuel and gear prices have risen, but unfortunate for the fish processors like us. We have no choice but to raise our prices to reflect this new $1.00 @ lb. rise in the cost of our fish. We will continue to use the highest quality albacore in our cans.          

New productTry our newest delicacy: Papa George Wild Lopez Island Sockeye Salmon. Sockeye salmon is high in Omega-3’s (690 mg. per 2 oz.) and protein (12 g. per 2 oz.). We make salmon salad, and salmon quiche often or eat it right out of the can.

Or try our seafood delicacies like Papa George Fancy Dungeness Crab. Use your culinary talents to transform these Northwest products into tempting salads and delicious crab cakes.

It is all preservatives or chemicals added.


Natural Fancy Canned Albacore

Available in 6 Oz. and 3.75 Oz. sizes

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fancy Canned Albacore

Available in 6 Oz. and 3.75 Oz. sizes

Fancy Dungeness Crab

Available in 6 Oz. cans

Wild Lopez Island Sockeye Salmon

Available in 6 Oz. cans

Mix and Match our Fancy Canned Products

Mix and Match Papa George Gourmet Seafood

6 Oz. cans

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Papa George Gourmet Albacore
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